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We are crowd-sourcing a collection of comics on social good topics created by artists around the world, to encourage public understanding on complex social issues. Help us by suggesting a comic!

What is this about?

This is an self-funded initiative from ComicsforGood because we believe that comics can help further public understanding of complex social issues.

  We are looking to collect, curate, and showcase quality comics that explain facts of social issues well or help readers empathise with people affected by various social issues.

  It costs us around $200USD / year to keep the site running, so donations are welcome!

Saw a comic on social good topic that you want to see on this site?

  • How we review submissions

    While any social issue goes, we tend to prioritise the category of comics we accept in this sequence: guides, explainers, personal experience, and satire.

    Also, we will tend not to show different works on the same topic by the same artist - but will accept a submission if the artist does a comic on a different social issue.

    Submissions will be reviewed by a team weekly, so check back in a week to see if it is up!

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